Barber Hacks: 3 Monumental Tips For Revolutionary Reward

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.” ~ Lao Tzu


I’ve been reading a lot lately, or listening to audio books, and there have been a lot of themes that I keep running into, but one has been grabbing my attention lately and I would like to pass it on to you guys, my amazing readers.

Here is an exercise. Go into your barbershop, or another one, and take a look at the barbers cutting hair. Take a minute and really look at them. Check out the equipment they are using, take a look at their haircuts, take a look at the clothes they wear, their faces and the expressions on them, take a look at how they hold themselves and how they interact with their co-workers and clients.

I bet you could pick out the barber that takes in the most money just by sittting in a shop for five minutes and watching everyone cut.

Perhaps you’re perplexed. Let me explain it to you.

That barber in the corner messing up that guy’s fade, that’s not the barber making the most money.

The quiet barber in the chair over there, with his clothing a little disheveled, and a half-finished coffee at his station...nope.

The barber who is standing straight, looking his customer in the eye, laughing heartily along with a customer at a joke he just told, the barber who never flinches when someone sits in their chair, the one executing perfect fades without an extra drop of sweat on his brow...that’s the barber that is most likely to be making the most money in the barbershop.

It all comes down to confidence. 

It might not be apparent to everyone, but take a look at the body language of the best barber in your shop, or the best barber you’ve ever seen. Most likely they’re moving like a well-oiled machine, cutting hair with no fear, banging out amazing haircut, shaving beards flawlessly with a light hand.

Why does this matter?

Imagine that you’re a customer coming into a barber shop for the first time, walking in, and taking a look around. It doesn’t matter if it is a walk-in appointment, or one that you’ve booked.

You walk in a take a look around and see the shrivelled beginner in the corner, or the unkempt veteran, and finally land on the barber holding himself with pride and confidence. Who are you going to want your hair cut by?

That’s right, the confident one.

So, if you aren’t quite there yet, what can you do to make it to the point where you are the one that people notice.

Correct Your Posture

I know we all have hunched shoulders in this job from bending over all day, but holding your back straight and shoulders back is HUGE when it comes to protraying confidence in oneself. Not only will this make you feel better as a whole, but it will make you look as though you know what you are doing.

I cannot express this point enough. Good posture will get you clients. Try it on for a week and tell me what you think.

Be Fashionable

We all have our own style, no doubt about it. Having a sense of fashion, and know what is happening in the world of fashion. Fashion dictates how people perceive you whether you like it or not. Follow some fashion accounts on Instagram, look at celebrities, and then reverse engineer the looks that you like and wear those. You don’t need to have brand name everything, just make sure your look is clean and neat.

And despite what people say about the busiest barber in the shop having the worst hair, make sure you get your hair cut on a regular basis.

Be Conversation Ready

I know people that can talk their clients into thinking a bad haircut is good just with their gift of gab. I don’t advise this, but I really do think conversation is a skill that can only add to your service as a whole.

If you can communicate well verbally, if you have a great joke to tell at every quiet moment, if you can calm a nervous customer with self-assured speech, you will do well for yourself.

Be Educated

I always stress this, but people love to know that you are passionate about your craft, that you know the trends that are happening, not only locally, but worldwide.

People get excited when you tell them you have a special technique specifically for their hair type, or that you just came back from New York with the secrets to the best fade.

Plus, you just know more about your field, making it easier for you to excel at the hair game.


This is a very simple, but very important idea, confidence in yourself is key; fake it until you make it.

I’ve given you some tips on how to appear confident, now the rest is simply up to you.

Hold yourself high,

Thanks for reading this week,


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