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Barber Hacks: The Barbers Worst Enemy

I’m a fairly good barber. You can judge for yourself: I know most of my technical faults, or most of them that I can improve on, but there are a few areas that I struggle in when it comes to my mental game. NEVER TRUST AN ARTIST I’ve always had this saying, “Never trust a barber that says they’re an artist.” I’ve said this for a long time, because when I was younger I worked with some people that would brag about how artistic they were, and I noticed that they never listened to their customers, because they thought their ideas were better than their customers. In truth, they would cut one haircut that they loved over and over on everyone, because that was how they were artistically inclined. I found them pretentious, and I’ve always been about the service part of this job anyways, not the “I’m way too cool for you” attitude part of it. I do understand that that attitude works for some people, but I’ll always side on great service and a fa

Barber Hacks: 20 Fundamental Barbering Truths

Barberhacks is an online barbering network focused on teaching and sharing information having to do with barbering. HEY THERE. MY NAME IS... I write this blog based on my own experiences as a barber and a hairdresser for the past 16 years. I wanted to write a quick, “Hi how are you, this is me” post, just so you could get an idea of who I am and what I deal with, something a bit more ‘real’, to make me as the writer of this blog a little more relatable. This post is more of a series of thoughts about my life, and how it applies to my career in barbering. It is going to be much shorter than usual, but think of it as an introduction of sorts, a handshake, and a smile. I know what you go through day-to-day and I hope by sharing every week that it makes your job easier, and allows you some insight into the reality of barbering. I often find that inspirational thoughts aren’t always grounded in the reality and hard work that we as barbers have to deal with every day. I grind beh

Barber Hacks: 5 Monumental Lessons To Learn From Being A Customer

VACAY I took a vacation this week (hence why this post is a week late), and while I travelled I went to an established barbershop in a big city. Therein lies this weeks lesson.  I’ve been in the hair game for a long time, and have become accustomed to quick and dirty haircuts after work.  I’m lying a bit, I work at a barbershop where the barbers are quite wonderful at attacking my long shaggy hair, and they are patient and attentive to the fact that I am a picky client and want a proper haircut. But I have worked at establishments that I have gotten quick and dirty haircuts after work.  It doesn’t matter though, up until a couple of years ago it had been a very long time since I had paid someone to cut my hair, and experienced what it was like to be a customer. I think there are a lot of us in the industry that haven’t been on the customer side of the chair in a very long time.  If  A couple of years ago, I started going to see barbers whenever I went on vacation