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Best Barber Tools: 3 Awesome Clippers for Barbering Experts

Welcome to Barber Hacks, the online resource to make you a better barber, new or experienced. Make more money by knowing how to take care of your clients, gear, and learn new techniques for advanced and beginner barbers. Disclaimer : I provide links to Amazon to products that I believe in. Feel free to purchase these products from the links that I provide. You will not be charged extra, but it will provide me with a small percentage of profits. Thank you.r . Okay, this week we get into GEAR. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on gear and haven’t tried everything. That said, I have some Crowbarber approved gear that I know works, and I’m sharing it with you. Disclaimer: I am not paid to write this by any company. I’m starting with clippers that are durable, proven, and industry favourites. You can’t go wrong with buying one of these clippers. Note: I will be using barbering terms while I write this, and it may be confusing for newbies, but try and take what you can from this, an

Practical Barber Advice - Remarkable Oppotunities For The Beginner

Welcome to Barber Hacks, the online blog that will make you a better barber. Learn barbering from the ground up, free, today. So, you’ve done your research, you’ve given it some thought and you want to be a barber. Now what? How do you want to train yourself to be a barber? There are various way of going about this, apprenticeship, school, and DIY.   Apprenticeship is my favourite option. What is an apprenticeship? It is when you learn in the workplace from experienced barbers. My apprenticeship was in hairdressing in Ontario, but included men’s hair and barbering techniques. I got paid to learn my trade. Some apprentices will do it for free, but I don’t believe in working for free, and neither should you. Your time is valuable, and even if the majority of it is spent sweeping floors, taking out trash, and folding towels you should be paid for that.  How do you become an apprentice? Go to a shop and ask them if they need one, look them in the eye, shake their hand