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Barber Hacks: 25 Tips To Make Money With Retail

Barberhacks is an entertainment network revolving around barbering and barbering education. The blog portion breaks apart the barbering industry from the ground up, in order to allow barbers to learn their trade faster and easier. Today we’re focusing on how to educate yourself, your staff and your customers in order to further your retail sales. I do this by letting you re-frame how you think about retail and then giving some solid tips on how to introduce your guests to retail in a way that doesn’t push, but introduces and provides them with value while adding money into your shop and your wallet. HOW TO SELL If your barbershop has product, than I’m guessing you have been told to move it at one point or another...or if you own the shop, you want to move more product that you have invested cold hard cash into. Today I’m going to give you some tools to help you move more product and make more money for yourself or your barbershop. BUT SALES ARE HARD!!! I’ve had a lot of peo

Barber Hacks: 15 Proven Tips For Client Happiness

Barberhacks is an online lifestyle network centering on barbering and education. Through word, pictures and video we strive to help barbers Barber Better, and help the public be more educated when it comes to their hair and grooming. Today we are talking about how to hold and make conversation. It is a good idea to be prepared on how to start and maintain a pleasant conversation with with your guests. I detail a number of different techniques on how to do this with tact and ease. The Naive Introvert When I started in this industry I was young and naive, and introverted. For some people it isn’t a stretch, but I had to take the time to learn how to speak to people properly. This is a broad topic, people have written books about it, but I will attempt to keep it brief. Craft Yourself I’ve already talked about how to greet someone into a barbershop, this is more of a general way to speak around people. This is a guideline, you’re not going to be able to communicate perfectl

Barber Hacks: Five Tips For Precision Haircuts

Barberhacks is your online barbering resource that will make you a better barber. 3 WAYS Today I am going to show you three ways to part hair that will allow you greater control over your haircuts. If you have ever tried to make a hard part and had a jagged parting that you’ve drawn a straight line beside with your trimmers, you have to put a little time into learning these techniques. EFFICIENCY Parting the hair cleanly will help you organize your guest’s hair in a way that will make your haircut more efficient and precise. With little more than a small amount of effort, you can minimize your chances of mistake and improve your results. TIME AND TIME AGAIN I started out as a hairdresser, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t cut men’s hair. In fact, most of my initial customers were men. But coming up in a salon I had to deal with how to manipulate hair the way that I was taught, and my mentors at the time were very strict about the way that I parted hair. If I didn’t part the ha

Barber Hacks: 10 Tips for Maximum Client Care

Barberhacks is FREE online content to help you BARBER BETTER. THE CONSULTATION A consultation is one of the most important parts of your haircut. In this article I’m going to help you KNOW what your guests want before you begin your haircut, taking lifestyle choices, hair type, and more into consideration before coming to a mutual agreement about what you will deliver. MAKE OR BREAK A consultation will make or break you as a barber, if you can’t communicate with the guest in your chair, you will both have a POOR experience. I have seen an amicable interaction between two people go south very quickly all because lack of communication. IT ISN’T ABOUT YOU! To me, a consultation isn’t about you as a barber, It isn’t about the haircut that you really want to try on someone, that new technique or cut that you learned on YouTube, the consultation is about the person sitting in your chair, and how you can BEST go about making them feel more confident in themselves and their appea