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Barber Hacks: The Barbers Worst Mistake

Barberhacks is an online entertainment network focused on barbering. . I BOUGHT I bought a pair of Wahl Magic Clips today. It’s not the biggest news ever. I have a Wahl Senior that I don’t use much, but I identify as an Andis guy. So why is this big news?  I already own a million sets of clippers, 2 pairs of Andis Masters, 2 Oster Classic 76s, 1 Oster 10, 1 Wahl Balding Clipper, 2 Oster Fast Feeds, 1 Andis Envy LI, I’m literally drowning in clippers. Buying clippers is a bad habit that I should probably rid myself of. BUT.  I recently started trying to learn a new technique, something I haven’t gotten to just right yet, because I didn’t know about it. The technique is called Guard Skipping. This technique probably isn’t a lot of news to a lot of people, it has been around for a LONG time, and is a barber classic. But to me, learning about this technique is like opening up a door and inside of that door is angel choirs and bright lights. I’ve been one of those barbers with

Barber Hacks: The 5 Worst Habits Barbers Can Have

Barberhacks is an online entertainment network focused on barbering. This blog is geared towards individuals looking to create a better barbering experience for themselves and others. Ever wonder why the person next to you is a lot busier than you are at the barbershop? Is your career stagnant? Having a hard time attracting new clients? I’m going to highlight five areas where you might be having trouble and offer solutions to these trouble areas so that you can make a quick turnaround. CONSTANTLY BEING LATE We’ve all heard that the early bird catches the worm, and as barbers that the first and last people in the shop are the ones that are busy, and this is true. So when you arrive five minutes before your shift, or fifteen minutes after you are showing the owner and your clients that you have complete disrespect for their time. Even if you are the hottest barber ever, full chair every day, all day, a celebrity in your city, being punctual, and early when you can be will sh