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Best Barber Tools: How To Pick Your Shaving Equipment

Barber Hacks is a blog that will make you a better barber. We are THE barbering blog that you want to follow to fully realize your potential. In this series of posts we are covering the equipment that true barbers use. Today we’re talking shaving equipment. Disclaimer : I provide links to Amazon to products that I believe in. Feel free to purchase these products from the links that I provide. You will not be charged extra, but it will provide me with a small percentage of profits. Thank you. What I Don’t Want What do you use when it comes to taking down a beard in one fell swoop? Or when you’re lining someone up with just a blade? It doesn’t seem like a complicated question, but there are a lot of people that are making money off of the barbering community with cheap plastic razor handles. Hell, I’ve bought a couple of them for something like 40 dollars a piece, and I’m here to let you know that there are more options out there, sturdier ones that will help your barbering game. Co

Best Barber Tools: Gigantic Value Guide to Combs and Brushes

Barberhacks is your online resource to learn to barber better. So far we’ve covered barbering basics and tools. Be sure to go back and read some of our previous entries. Also, take a look at our new YouTube video . This entry we’re discussing combs and brushes. Brushes and combs are something I use everyday, and I don’t really think about them all that often. To be completely honest I use mostly generic versions of most of these items, and don’t think twice about it. This isn’t to say that I haven’t spent a lot of money on these items, when I was working as a hairdresser having good brushes made the job a lot easier, and there were plenty of emerging technology in brushes and combs to keep me doling out top dollar. These implements are in our hands all day every day, so I believe that they deserve a little attention. If you’re a barber you should know how to use these tools, you should know how to part hair and how to style it any way your customer wants it. Combs and brushes manip

Best Barber Tools: How To Pick Professional Shears

Barberhacks is a blog that will help you become a better barber, beginner or advanced, by making barbering knowledge thorough and accessible. Learn essential tip and tricks and become a better barber by having the knowledge and secrets to succeed. Today we’re talking about how to choose your scissors. I have an image of barbers just not giving a damn about their scissors, having rusted scissors from the 1940s that crush the hair off of the head instead of actually cutting it. I’ve known a lot of barbers and hairdressers that use horrible scissors, cheap molded scissors that lose their edge in a matter of minutes because they’re made from a grade of metal that is softer than the aluminum foil wrapping that you get from a stick of gum. Yes, work with what you’ve got or can afford, but there are amazing scissors out there that can make your job easier and that can make you a better barber. I fell in love with a pair of shears at the New York Hairdresser convention. They were Japan

Best Barber Tools: 5 Sensational Trimmers For Barbers

Welcome to Barber Hacks, your FREE online barbering resource to help you be a better barber. Today we’re talking about the trimmers that you’ll need in order be your best barber. I’ve had barbers tell me that the outline of a haircut is the most important part or the haircut, and there are moments when I agree with that. A lineup is often the part of the haircut that we notice first with fades. When it comes to this technique, the solid lines define our canvases. If you are going to be fading on a regular basis, knowing your trimmer and how to maintain it is key to a great haircut. Trimmers are baffling to some barbers and stylists. I read comments on Instagram daily that say, “How do you get your trimmers to hit like that?” I understand completely. I remember asking myself how Jamie Foxx’s hairline was so incredibly straight while watching the Oscars one year. This was before I had any idea what a lineup was. As a hairdresser and barber I’ve always felt that you should be as know

Best Barber Tools: 5 Most Powerful Detachable Blade Clippers

Welcome to Barber Hacks, the website that is going to help you become the most well rounded barber in your barbershop. Beginner and advanced barbering knowledge to help you perform to the best of your ability day to day in the barbershop. Detachable blade clippers (DBC) are every barber’s friend. What is a DBC? You’ve got your clipper, it works getting through the thickest heads of hair...most of the time. If you get a couple of snags every once in awhile, no big deal right? Wrong. Make your job easier invest in a DBC, a power tool that will cut through every head of hair like butter.  If you are cutting volume, and cutting thick hair often, DBC are your high performance vehicles, that muscle when you want the extra juice, but they are also surprisingly versatile. I use my DBC to rid myself of all the excess hair and create a canvas that I can fade on, or I use it to lay in the bottom line of the haircut and taper up from that. For a traditional taper (starting with the clippe