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Barberhacks: The Secret To Being The Best Barber

Barberhacks is an online entertainment network focused on barbering. Education I can’t begin to stress how much education means to a barber. It is quite literally the difference between a clean, precise haircut, and a haircut that leave your customers fleeing your barbershop looking for another one. Maybe you live in a small town and your barbering licensing program was haphazard. Perhaps your original teacher or mentor wasn’t as great as they made themselves out to be. There is a good chance that you weren’t paying that much attention during your schooling and were smoking blunts outside the door before you went in, because you thought you were better than that. Whatever it may be, I’m going to tell you right now, be humble, you are never too far into this game to learn more. My Career I’ve been a capable hairdresser for 16 years and a barber for 8 (well the first few years were rough), but I was educated in a classical sense, all scissors, no clippers, very minimal use of tr

Barber Hacks: Quality Tips On How To Love Barbering

Barberhacks in an entertainment network focused on barbering. . I love my job, but I work with a variety of people that are always complaining. There is always something that isn’t quite right, something that sits in the back of their mind that says, “Everything can’t be perfect”, and it is. Do you have these feelings? I’m here to introduce you to some of the techniques and things that I do to maintain passion for my job everyday. There was a time when I was younger when I didn’t quite know what to do, I didn’t quite understand the world around me the way I do right now. I started hairdressing without any thought of how I could approach it, it was something I could do that would make me money, something that I could trade up for any profession. That’s not to say that I didn’t apply myself, I just didn’t have focus, something to work towards, a goal to attain, I was a young man who just worked for the sake or working, and spending my evenings entertaining myself in whatever ways

Barber Hacks: 12 Simple Tips For Incredible Client Retention

Barberhacks is an online barbering network that revolves around barbering. Through reading our blog, you will BARBER BETTER.   CAN’T KEEP YOUR CHAIR BUSY Did you ever wonder why you can’t keep customers in your chair? Or why the barber across from you always ends up with all of your clients? I have 12 simple tips that will get you on the track to being the most sought after barber in your barbershop. Read on and find them out. #BARBERLIFE We all go through our days cutting hair, or sitting around waiting for someone to come sit in our chair, or eating lunch, or taking a nip of that wait, I don’t do that when the shop is slow (but I know a couple barbers that do). We are all trying our best to make sure that each and every person that sits in our chair comes back to sit in our chair again and again. It should be easy, guys are creatures of habit, they like going back to the same person over and over again, right? It’s not as simple as that. Guys are also known to not