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Barber Hacks: Will Barbering DIE?

Barberhacks is here to help you grow as a barber and think about the barbering industry as a whole. PROGRESS AND GROWTH When I sit down to think about where our industry is going I see progress and growth, but I have a few reservations. Having been in the hair industry for 16 years, I have lived through at least one major economic downfall without feeling pinched (but also without feeling exceptionally wealthy), I have switched to men’s barbering despite the fact that it was looked poorly upon by the industry as a whole (I have been barbering for 8 years), and I have seen barbering rise from the ashes as men begin to take value in their appearance again. THE STEPS Seeing barbering come to the fore I find it interesting to look back on some of the steps that took it there. I imagine a marketing company came up with the term ‘metrosexual’ sometime in the mid-90s to sell the idea of modern man that takes care of themselves, although I definitely remember the term populari