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Practical Barber Advice- Powerful Barber Tutorials for Everyone

Welcome to barber tutorials for everyone. Barberhacks is the place for any barber, new or experienced to get the real scoop on the industry. I'm starting this blog humbly, knowing that I have a lot to share and a lot to learn. Hopefully this can become a forum for people that want to learn and for people that want to share, because  I think that we should strive to improve our profession. Barbering is a profession that had languished (shaving was considered "the dying art") only to have a renaissance in recent years. I believe that we, as barbers, can take from the past, learn from it, and redefine what a barbershop is all about.    What a barbershop is can be debated. It is an establishment wherein people go to get their hair cut and grooming services done. These people can be men and women and anyone that doesn't fall under those designations...depending on the barbershop. We still live in a world where some  barbershops cater  only   to men;  while  others