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Barber Hacks: 20 Fundamental Barbering Truths

Barberhacks is an online barbering network focused on teaching and sharing information having to do with barbering.


I write this blog based on my own experiences as a barber and a hairdresser for the past 16 years. I wanted to write a quick, “Hi how are you, this is me” post, just so you could get an idea of who I am and what I deal with, something a bit more ‘real’, to make me as the writer of this blog a little more relatable.

This post is more of a series of thoughts about my life, and how it applies to my career in barbering. It is going to be much shorter than usual, but think of it as an introduction of sorts, a handshake, and a smile.

I know what you go through day-to-day and I hope by sharing every week that it makes your job easier, and allows you some insight into the reality of barbering. I often find that inspirational thoughts aren’t always grounded in the reality and hard work that we as barbers have to deal with every day.

I grind behind a chair just as much as all of you, and I have a deep respect for all barbers from all walks of life.

I’m not a celebrity barber, I’m a guy that stands behind a chair four days a week cutting hair. I’m a barber.

In doing this blog I’m a barber that likes to write.

My shoulders are hunched, I suffer from anxiety, I don’t know how to sit down or rest properly. I don’t know what a lunch hour is.

I come home tired from the shop. Being busy is a blessing.

My legs and feet are often swollen from standing on them all day long.

I don’t own a shop because I bought into the party part of the lifestyle way too much. I’ve done my best to remedy that these past years.

I thought for a long time that there was something ‘better’ out there for me before I realized that barbering is an amazing career.

I’m never satisfied with my work. Never will be. Probably the reason for my anxiety.

I wish I was better at what I do, sixteen years into the game.

I have moments where I’m jealous of other people’s talent, and I use those to help me become better at what I do. I wish this wasn’t the case, I fight against these feelings a lot. Another reason for my anxiety.

Lately, I’ve switched how I view my career and am plunging the depths of barbering, constantly reviewing what I am doing, and second guessing myself because of this. I am learning, but am effectively de-railing my routine as I do. Learning has never been an easy process for me.

I wonder sometimes if there is an upper limit to what I can learn in this field. I am regularly proved wrong.

I am constantly unhappy with certain parts of my work environment. I believe that this is caused by the fact that my life is pretty amazing and I need to create problems with something.

I’m happy barbering. I feel fulfilled coming home from work knowing that I’ve done as best a job that I could do for that day.

I hate some of the people that come to sit in my chair, but they don’t stay. I still give them great haircuts.

Being a positive, upbeat human while I’m at work is a struggle certain days, but I attempt to do it despite how I feel. Actually admitting that I feel like crap to people on those days isn’t a bad thing. People can relate to not being perfect.

Humility has been my best friend lately. Learning from those around me has been amazing.

Lately I’ve been struggling cutting people who request bad haircuts despite the advice that I give them. I’m attempting to be humble enough not to be upset by this.


I’m a human sitting behind a keyboard, writing about my career as a barber. It was a pleasure to meet you, and I hope you get through the next week of barbering with as much humanity as you can.

Bump, grind, get a little messy sometimes, but be capable of picking up your pieces and getting back to it. Try and improve, but be okay if you’re struggling with it.

Cut some haircuts your proud of. Reap the benefits of your job.

Take good care of your bodies.

Until next week,

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