Barber Hacks: 10 Monumental Tips That Will Change How You Barber

Barberhacks is an online resource for barbers to help them improve in every aspect of the business.

Disorganized Chaos I don’t know how I used to do it when I was younger, I’ve gotten to the point in my career where that is pretty far removed from the present. Like a lot of barbers I’m mostly self-taught, meaning there was little structure in the way that I approached cutting hair.

I have always had a disorganized chaos going on on my station while I am cutting, I’ll casually toss guards onto the countertop as I progress into my cuts. I’ll grab scissors and place them haphazardly about. I’m getting the job done, so it doesn’t matter what happens while I’m doing it, does it?

This is not to say that I have been a complete mess in my past, just unorganized as I cut.

Because who notices the little points like that? In Barbershops, the customer is looking the other way, aren’t they?

I’ve started to break down my routine recently, especially when it comes to my service, my cleanliness, and …

Barber Hacks: 1 Simplistic Piece of Financial Advice In Case Of Emergencies

Barberhacks is here to help you sort out how to barber better, and more intelligently, through the gaze of a guy working 16 years in the hair industry.

It has been a couple weeks since I’ve written a blog and it has been a very busy couple of weeks for me. My father had a massive heart attack, a 7 out of 10, or so the doctors have told me, one that could have killed him.

Through luck and an amazing health care system in Canada, he has survived, although he is recovering from open heart surgery, a quadruple bypass.

I took a week off of work to be with him during this time, and it was a stressful and trying time for me, I am still recovering from the amount of stress that I put my body through.

What does this have to do with barbering?

To me, it points out something important that every barber should be aware of, the fact that you are only making money as long as you are behind the chair, or at least if barbering is your only gig, and you aren’t a barbershop owner.


Barber Hacks: How Has Social Media Changed Your Life?

I’m sitting at a typewriter, writing a blog, (actually a tablet with a keyboard, but allow me my little fantasy) thinking about what social media actually does for me.

When was the last time social media changed your life as a barber?

If I ask myself that question...never.

There is nothing that social media has ever done that has changed my life as a barber.

I’ve hit the social media scene pretty hard. I blog, I have a YouTube channel, I have dallied with the ‘gram, I have Vero on my phone.

At one point I was a hardcore Instagram user. Logged a lot of hours, learned a lot about how the site ran, picked up a ‘real’ camera and started taking some pictures, took photos and videos of every cut that came into my chair.

I played that game, racked up some followers (tipped just above 2 grand), and I still dabble.

INSTA-FAMOUS I’m thinking lately about hours logged, and how I have used my time, and whether that time has been productive for my career as a ba…

Barber Hacks: 3 Monumental Tips For Revolutionary Reward

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.” ~ Lao Tzu

READING A LOT I’ve been reading a lot lately, or listening to audio books, and there have been a lot of themes that I keep running into, but one has been grabbing my attention lately and I would like to pass it on to you guys, my amazing readers.

Here is an exercise. Go into your barbershop, or another one, and take a look at the barbers cutting hair. Take a minute and really look at them. Check out the equipment they are using, take a look at their haircuts, take a look at the clothes they wear, their faces and the expressions on them, take a look at how they hold themselves and how they interact with their co-workers and clients.

I bet you could pick out the barber that takes in the most money just by sittting in a shop for five minutes and watching everyone cut.


Barber Hacks: How To Save Yourself A Lot Of Money

I have a collection of clippers, so many in fact that I’ve probably spent a couple thousand dollars on clippers that I don’t use. They sit in a suitcase in a spare room awaiting a time where one of my lead instruments sings its final swan song and dies.

I don’t need other clippers, I still use the first set of Andis Masters that I originally bought, and could use them for every cut if I wanted. I like my Masters, especially with a fade blade on them, I fade some beautiful cuts with those Masters.

Things are changing in the barbering scene though. Clipper companies have caught on to the fact that they can cut the cord and sell us barbers 3 sets of the same clipper (battery life, and you need at least one with a fade blade) and are unrolling new clippers at an alarming rate.

We can have 90 percent of the efficiency of our corded clippers with a cordless? I need to buy at least 3 right?

INSTAGRAM KING I’ve always been this way though, constantly searching for that …

Barber Hacks: The Barbers Worst Enemy

I’m a fairly good barber. You can judge for yourself: I know most of my technical faults, or most of them that I can improve on, but there are a few areas that I struggle in when it comes to my mental game.

NEVER TRUST AN ARTIST I’ve always had this saying, “Never trust a barber that says they’re an artist.” I’ve said this for a long time, because when I was younger I worked with some people that would brag about how artistic they were, and I noticed that they never listened to their customers, because they thought their ideas were better than their customers.

In truth, they would cut one haircut that they loved over and over on everyone, because that was how they were artistically inclined. I found them pretentious, and I’ve always been about the service part of this job anyways, not the “I’m way too cool for you” attitude part of it.

I do understand that that attitude works for some people, but I’ll always side on great service and a fantastic h…

Barber Hacks: 20 Fundamental Barbering Truths

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HEY THERE. MY NAME IS... I write this blog based on my own experiences as a barber and a hairdresser for the past 16 years. I wanted to write a quick, “Hi how are you, this is me” post, just so you could get an idea of who I am and what I deal with, something a bit more ‘real’, to make me as the writer of this blog a little more relatable.

This post is more of a series of thoughts about my life, and how it applies to my career in barbering. It is going to be much shorter than usual, but think of it as an introduction of sorts, a handshake, and a smile.

I know what you go through day-to-day and I hope by sharing every week that it makes your job easier, and allows you some insight into the reality of barbering. I often find that inspiration…