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We all know how sexy barbering is right?  You can grow a beard, get tattoos, drink whisky, smoke cigars and look good doing it. You can rub shoulders with celebrities, be Instagram famous, get paid to travel, and meet beautiful people all over the world. Yes, this is possible, this can  happen to you, but I’m here to shed some light on what it is like to work as a barber day to day in a market that is getting increasingly saturated with new barbers. I’ll help you stand out from the crowd and gain the skills you need in order to make your customers happy.

Barbering is a customer service job. Behind the chair you’ll groom lawyers and gangsters, the rich and the poor, and the kind and the wicked. Your job will be to put them in your chair, assess their needs and satisfy them. Barbering is customer service, but it is also about having the knowledge to be able to maintain physical and mental health within an industry that can break you down as easily as it can build you up.

After sixteen years in this industry my shoulders are bent, I deal with anxiety and panic attacks every day, there are months where my hands and arms ache with overuse, and my legs throb at night from standing on them everyday. I have worked twelve to fourteen hour days up to seven days a week with little recognition, I have had years of living at the poverty line, years of trying to work in a place that would treat me with respect and pay me properly for the skills that I have acquired. I’ve spent years trying to find places that don’t steal from me, don’t expect me to overwork myself, that care about the craft and quality of the work, and places that are unbiased about the lives of the people that walk through the door. I’ve had customers threaten to hit me for cutting their child’s hair wrong, yell at me for being too rough with my comb and clippers, walk out the door bleeding from a razor cut that I neglected to treat properly, and receive improper service due to my lack of knowledge despite having apprenticed and schooled in hairdressing/barbering. I’ve been scared to death behind the chair, barely able to focus myself, fighting to maintain some grasp of confidence knowing that I’ve fucked up a service beyond repair. I’ve had to fight tooth and nail for every scrap of information that I’ve gained, have had to teach myself the lion’s share of information by reading innumerable books, watching hundreds of hours of videos, going to many classes/workshops/tradeshows, and just fucking up a lot. I’ve had to buy thousands of dollars worth of equipment and learn how to treat and care for them properly. I’ve bought a plethora of products that haven’t worked, wasted tons of money on figuring out what works, what lasts, and what I need in order to do the job properly. I’ve had to learn how to market myself, learn how to be a businessman and entrepreneur, learn how to budget and make the most of my money. I never had a mentor to show me these things, and have suffered because of it.

I’m here to be a virtual mentor. I’m here to give you some advice on how to navigate a minefield of a career. I’m here to help you polish your skills into a barber that people will talk about and remember forever. I’m here to help you become the best barber you can be. I’m here to help you hack barbering for you and change the way that you barber forever. I’m here to teach you what they didn’t teach you in barbering school.

And if I learn something along the way as well, even better,

Thanks for reading, next week we begin the journey.

Martin aka @crowbarber

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