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There are a million channels on YouTube when in comes cutting men’s hair, and cutting through the fat is something that every barber could do without. I’m going to give you my TOP 5 YouTube channels, but please give me a moment to plug my own first. I’m going to have a range of barbers, and a range of style represented, and I’ll pop a couple of videos that you might find helpful into the mix as well, because we all need to learn, and. I know I’m a visual learner, so I might as well get you started.

My intention with my YouTube channel is to show as much diversity in barbering as possible, from short fades, to long shoulder length cuts, in order to show the range that a barber has to work within. The channel is still getting its legs so please go and subscribe and check out the videos below.

Here are my top 5 YouTube barbers in no particular order.


I think 360 Jeezy is THE most popular barber on YouTube right now, and you know why right away. He is funny, personable and a legit barber that is a specialist in fades, and coarse, curly hair. Right from the start you can’t help but be infected by his charming personality and love for his viewership and his career. He is also probably the most prolific barber on this list, his channel is filled with videos. I first noticed 360 Jeezy because of my interest in waves and wavers and he still dispenses great information on how to wave, and how to cut waves.

Larry The Barber Man

This channel doesn’t have anything to do with tutorials at all, but Larry interviews the best barbers in the industry and does incredibly thorough reviews and technical videos on how to take care of and modify your equipment. What I love about Larry is that he has a nice, orderly way about him, and pushes for a very clean and sanitary way of barbering, going as far as to interview skin and hair specialists about hair and scalp disorders and the like. Also, if your clipper is giving you issues, his page is always a good place to start in order to get an idea about what is wrong with them.

Nomad Barber

Nomad Barber is a great way to discover how the barbers of the world operate. This channel gives you a glimpse into how barbers around the globe approach their craft, the tools and techniques they use, and show the commonalities and differences of the cultures around the world as they apply to barbering. If I’m ever having a day where I need inspiration for my work I find it truly inspiring to hear and see the fantastic tales of barbers around the world and their way of cutting hair.

See also: Haircut Harry who basically stole the idea, and travels the world getting haircuts and shaves at different shops. Once again an interesting look into different barbershops and how they treat their customers.

Chris Bossio

Chris Bossio is another YouTube tutorial genius. The man can cut and fade hair and I can say that I’ve learned a lot from tuning into his channel and watching him cut. With Chris, he is super talented and willing to share his experience and years in the game with new and old barbers alike. Chris has a burgeoning product line in Tomb 45, and has become a worldwide educator based on his way of teaching and talent alone.

Ivan Zoot

Probably the least sexy channel on YouTube, but never underestimate those old school barbers and their tricks. Learn how to skip guards, use fingers as guards, and all sorts of old-times barbering tips and tricks with Ivan. Ivan has been a Andis global educator among and has the world record for the fastest haircut. The videos are as lo-fi as you can get, but I dare you not to come out of this channel with some nugget of information that makes you a better at barbering.

And here are some honourable mentions:
Get Beamed
Uppercut Deluxe

There are tons of YouTubers that you should check out, but there are tons that you should avoid, pay close attention to these barbers and you should be able to up your game by tomorrow.

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