Barberhacks: I Need Your Opinion

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I know that many of you come to Barber Hacks every week to learn something about barbering, get some insight into the industry and the like, but this week I’m going to do something a little different (don’t worry I’ll be back to the regular format next week).

This past week I did a photoshoot. To go along with the shoot I did a YouTube tutorial that I will embed in the post. If you want to learn something about tapering with just a detachable blade, go and check it out.

I’m looking for an opinion this week, and I want my Barberhackers to help me out. I’ve edited ten pictures (making sure the skin is nice, I did not touch the hair at all) and I want you all to vote on which shot I should make the official shot of the photo shoot (there has to be one to rule them all). I think all of the shots have merits, and there are multiple styles of the same head of hair, but now I’m looking for your opinion.

So please leave a comment down below and when I’m back with next week’s post I will be sure to let you guys know which picture is the official picture of the shoot.

So please participate and let me know which photo you like the best.











I’ll also post the winning photo on my Instagram so make sure to follow @crowbarber on IG.



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